Prices & Equipment

6.5kg Washing Machines - $5.00

With 12 Digital Coin operated Washing Machines providing both Hot and Cold options – there are plenty of options for customers to achieve the ultimate wash.

Our Top Load machine takes loads of 6.5Kgs “Double Load” from only $5 per wash.

big washers laundromat

Large Frontload Washing Machines - $10.00

Betty & Bessy handles a large load “Triple Load” of up to 14 kg for Large Loads including Blankets, Doonas, Pillows, and Curtains from only $10 a wash.

Big Bertha handles a Huge load “Quadruple Load” of up to 18Kg making it Perfect for Huge Loads including Large Blankets, King Doonas, Pillows, Large Curtains, and loads that don’t fit in regular machines from only $12 a wash.

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Super Fast Dryers - From $1.00

10 Mega Capacity Super Fast Commercial Dryers making traditional waiting times non existence with a generous 6 minutes per $1 dollar.

Pet blanket washing machine gold coast

Dedicated Pet Linen Washing Machine - $5.00

We care about your pets and have a solution to help you keep their bedding and linen clean.

The Pet Washing Machine is ideal for washing your pet blankets*, beds, soft toys and pet clothing from only $5/per wash.

*Please no horse blankets.

Soap/Fabric Softener Dispenser - $2.00

On site laundry soap dispenser and fabric softener dispenser for $2.

No matter what time of the Day or Night, your laundry needs are complete; you will always have  laundry powder and fabric softener on hand.

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Change Machine

All of our washing machines and dryers are coin operated ($1 or $2 coins only) so having a change machine on site is essential.

The change machine accepts $5, $10 & $20 notes. Eftpos & Pay Wave also accepted.



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